Top Tips to keep your cellphone safe from greedy criminals

Did you know that over 100 000 cellphones are stolen in South Africa each month? Cellphone theft has risen considerably throughout South Africa over the past few years. So much so that the chances of getting your device snatched is a common everyday occurrence.

These small, expensive and highly useful smartphones have provided a rich opportunity for crooks to either sell the phone or steal the information on the phone. As costly as it is to replace a Smartphone, the greatest risk is the enormous amount of personal information on the device.
If criminals can access credit card and banking details, passwords, your email and social network accounts or your contact lists, they can use it to steal your identity, rob your home, and even make purchases in your name. But there’s no reason to suffer through this nightmare because we’ve got some great tips to keep your phone safe:

•    Be vigilant – while it’s almost impossible to not react to your phone’s ‘ding’, taking it out to check will put you at risk. Not only will it increase the chances of you taking a tumble into a pothole, but walking while texting makes you oblivious to the people watching you.
•    Hide your phone away when you’re not using it – so many people think sticking their phone in the back pocket of their jeans is convenient, but when you keep it in places easy to access, you make it effortless for criminals to steal it. Never keep your phone in your back pocket, the front pocket of your jacket, and the outer pocket of your backpack.
•    Learn kickboxing – we’re just kidding, there’s no need to become a karate master when you can simply refrain from using your phone in the streets. Avoid using your phone at stop signs, taxi ranks or in quiet streets if you want to ensure a long life with your phone.
•    Never leave your phone unattended – never leave your phone alone on a restaurant table, on the table bar, and not even on the seat of your car where it is only a broken window away from thieves. In fact, always keep your cellphone within eye distance as you never know who wants to get their greedy paws on it.
•    Use a hands-free unit – while nobody wants to be that one person talking loudly to an invisible friend on a bench, a hands-free unit is an excellent choice if you want to avoid flashing your phone in front of greedy people.

And there you have some excellent tips to keep your phone safe from all those greedy criminals that flood our streets.