ProCell Shop29 2nd Avenue Bloemfontein

I chose ProCell because I have been working for more than 5 years with ProCell. The branch I worked at went away left ProCell and we struggled to get high quality stock. Additionally, we didn’t have the privilege of the forum where we were always up-to-date with the new price changes as well the support if you were struggling with a certain repair or computers.

We specialise in repairs and accessories. Here in 2nd Ave in Westdene Bloemfontein we specialise in Apple iPhone repairs and Samsung repairs.

With the specials, we run the mid month special and all the stores vote on they want to and they can suggest what they want as a special.

The team @ ProCell Shop29 2nd Avenue Bloemfontein

The latest cell phone trends is that everybody is always in a hurry, rushing somewhere and their battery is always flat, so we suggest a power bank. Tempered glass protectors and pouches are also a very popular trend – people always want to protect their phones from falling and breaking.

On my side I enjoy working for ProCell because we are always growing, and happy customer are always leaving our shop satisfied.

ProCell a company that’s growing with at least 4 or 5 new shops opening every year. This is why I have chosen ProCell and not a different cell phone company.