New ProCell Stores open @ Prasa and Grand Central, Cape Town

Situated in Prasa and Grand Central Station are two incredibly successful ProCell stores that deliver just about every cellphone service there is.

The first store can be found in Prasa. Managed by Tshepo, he is building this ProCell store into one that everyone in the area relies on.

Offering various low-end to high-end phone brands, screen covers, pouches, selfie sticks, drives, airtime, and proficient repairs, there is never a day that Tshepo is not running off his feet.

In fact, he even goes the extra mile by offering R5 for local calls.

Tshepo & Piekie

At Grand Central Station, you will find Piekie’s store. As you can imagine this is one shop that never seems to close its doors.

Piekie, a skilled repairman, salesman, as well as the ProCell area Manager in Cape Town, is a great believer in customers first, and this can easily be seen by his loyal customer following.

Specialising in every type of phone model brand, charges and accessories, Piekie also offers a 6 months guarantee on all his phones as well as a 30 days warranty on all his repair work