Is Smartphone Insurance Worth Buying?

Cellphone theft is rife in South Africa, with thousands of cellular phones being stolen across the country every week. As the primary means of communication, a wallet, and a gadget that holds vital personal information – smartphones can be expensive. And just when you’ve spent all your hard-earned savings on one, or you’ve just started paying one off, it gets stolen.

Insurance is a grudge purchase, but the case for insuring your phone is compelling

Imagine not being able to send a WhatsApp message, SMS, or please call me. Or imagine the status of your social life when you won’t be able to access Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Then there is the money you will have to loan or take from your savings to buy a new one. A lost or stolen phone is a huge inconvenience which can greatly affect your finances. Replacing your stolen phone can easily set you back R10 000 or more, and the chances of it being stolen again are high. Because of this fact, it is worthwhile insuring this valuable possession.

Most mobile service providers offer cellphone insurance, as do traditional insurers, which sell it as a stand-alone policy or as part of a personal lines policy (insurance for individuals, such as household and car insurance). You will need to shop around to find the best deal

Depending on your type of cover, cellular insurance covers accidental loss, damage or theft – where it can then be replaced with a new (or similar) model, if not the same one. Alternatively, you may be compensated with a cash amount equivalent to its replacement value. Here’s how much it will cost to insure your smartphone in South Africa

Cell Phone Insurance can give you peace of mind – it is a way to cover your mobile phone for the unexpected event of theft.