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Top Tips to keep your cellphone safe from greedy criminals

Did you know that over 100 000 cellphones are stolen in South Africa each month? Cellphone theft has risen considerably throughout South Africa over the past few years. So much so that the chances of getting your device snatched is a common everyday occurrence. These small, expensive and highly useful smartphones have provided a rich […]

Is Smartphone Insurance Worth Buying?

Cellphone theft is rife in South Africa, with thousands of cellular phones being stolen across the country every week. As the primary means of communication, a wallet, and a gadget that holds vital personal information – smartphones can be expensive. And just when you’ve spent all your hard-earned savings on one, or you’ve just started […]

What you got?

Tell us more about yourself and your Cellphone and we will let you know about our special deals at ProCell just for you. Loading…

South Africa’s #1 Cellphone Product and Repair Brand is Growing

In a sea of innovative cellphone service providers, ProCell is proud to be on the up-and-up. Keeping up with all the latest market demands and providing superior products and repair services paired with excellent customer service and some of the hottest deals in South Africa, ProCell is branching out fast and furiously. What was once […]

Procell Employee of the Year – Rapule Morojele

Congratulations to the Procell 2018 Employee of the Year, Rapule Morojele. We finish the quick quiz and you step outside the office and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do? KEEP IN MIND ITS DOLLARS SO ITS 140million rands….so Tithe 10%, Put one poor kid who genuinely wants […]

WhatsApp vs SMS pricing in South Africa

Want to know if it’s cheaper to communicate via WhatsApp, or should you rather stick to SMS’s? Having long conversations over SMS can be tough on the purse for most South Africans – this article examines just how much cheaper sending a text over WhatsApp is than sending a standard SMS. Read more…

Africanopy – The new mobile network for rural South Africa

The high price of mobile data means it’s difficult for South Africans who live in rural areas to enjoy the benefits of the mighty internet. But thanks to AfriCanopy, that’s soon going to change. AfriCanopy is running a test project in Kwazulu Natal and will be providing 85,000 residents and 50 schools in the area […]

Best data plans and internet bundles in South Africa

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the best data plans of them all? There are 4 main mobile providers in South Africa, each offering various packages and data bundles to suit your exact needs. From a short lifespan to expiration to decreased data costs – here’s a peek at South Africa’s best mobile data […]

How South Africans are using their mobile phones

The average person spends up to R250 a month in bundles, and almost half of mobile internet users in South Africa (45%), access the web on their smartphones more than eight times a day. Check out South Africa’s mobile behavior for 2018. Read more here…